Composting · Organic Vegetable Garden

Composting for Beginners!

Composting!!! is a great way to get ready for a fall garden.

How to start a compost? What to put in a compost?

First, I did not know that composting was so scientific that involved microorganisms such as, fungi, bacteria and actinomycetes until I started doing some research. Growing up we always had a garden and a compost pile that we throw our vegetable peels in. Not knowing when I was little that I was helping with really long science experiment! So to but it simple you need the sun, rain(moister), container(doesn’t necessarily need a lid) and organic material. In the container the pile will heat up and break down the material thus creating truly organic soil.

You can buy a composter from home depot or Lowe’s they have a large variety and range in prices. I made mine from a 12 gallon plastic barrel that somebody gave to me. I drilled 7/16” holes in the top and bottom (at first I only did the top but it became soup yuk).

Now what to put in the darn thing…… I put a shovel full of garden soil on the bottom (I don’t know it maybe cheating) and any vegetables peels you use, egg shells, tea bags,  coffee grounds, leaves, grass clippings, ripped up egg crates(cardboard), news paper (soaks up the excess liquid). Or you can think of it as greens and browns. A little green(veggies, grass, weeds, fruits, tea bags, egg shells) A little browns (coffee grounds and filter, egg crates, twigs, leaves, news paper, hay, straw, toilet paper rolls, peanut shells).

Material to avoid meats, dairy products, cat litter, bones, pet/human waste, glossy paper, charcoal, fish scraps, fatty/oily food.

Material that takes longer to decompose pine cones, wood chips, corn cobs, pine needles, peat moss, rhubarb leaves, limes, wood ashes, sod, walnut leaves, diseased plants.

Turn you container/pile every two weeks! Depending on the kind of material you used in your pile, it can take anywhere from 14 days to a year for your compost to be ready. You’ll know when its ready it will have a soil like quality.

Now pick a place in your yard that your container/pile will get sun and place directly on the soil (if its on the soil it welcomes the worms to come in which would be great).

When compost is ready use on vegetable garden, potted plants, in yard for grass to grow. Enjoy it you made it!