Local Plant Nursery

Maas Nursery

I would say this nursery is more an experience, yes it has gorgeous plant and exotics that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. But there are places tucked in were you can sit and take in the beautiful landscape. As for me and my husband we can sit and talk while the kids look at the water fountains (which is sometimes well needed). Or if you need a break from the sun there is a cute store that has garden decor, fairies, organic fertilizer, books and more. They also offer gardening class based on specific subjects like hanging baskets, vegetable gardening, succulents and so much more. You do have to sign up on there website to attend. The staff there is very friendly and knowledgeable.



IMG_1697.JPGAlso, we heard there was a dinosaur so we made up a hunt to find this dinosaur! (I wasn’t sure if it was a topiary) So here is the mystery dinosaur and kids loved it!!

IMG_1705And we had a awesome ride for the dinosaur hunt! Just give them a snack & drink and your set!(the wagons are provided at the nursery)


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