Kid friendly outdoor project

Mother’s Day Mosaic Stepping Stones

This is a fun post just to share a kid friendly back yard project. This project does need supervision because it involves using cement, which could get out of hand with a 3 and 4 year old. eeek! I know all you moms know what I mean. We got the kits from They come in several different shapes and include the mosaic pieces and colored marbles.         20170514_215833262_iOS.jpg    20170514_220218949_iOS.jpg

It would be best to do this crafty project outside. We put down newspaper to protect the patio from those sticky fingers and accidental spills.

The kids loved it and really like putting their hand prints and the mosaic pieces wherever they liked. Most of it even ended up on the stepping stone itself!


20170514_224406412_iOS.jpgWe look forward to having these beautiful masterpieces in our garden!


I hope you enjoyed this afternoon of fun!