Growing Bulbs

Bulbs are Blooming!


20170519_151217536_iOS.jpgThis is one of my favorite times of year. Its not too hot yet! I have Gladiolus and Dahlias these are great for cutting and bring inside to enjoy. Both are full sun and bloom through the summer. You would want to get them in the ground around February. I got them in a little late in march and they did just fine.  When planting the gladiolus dig a trench 8 inches deep (the box says 6 inches I found that 8 inches is better because they are top heavy and will fall over). Make sure the soil is loose. Plant in a cluster around borders because they will grow up to 36-48 inches. Fertilize after planting I used miracle grow flower food. They will grow very quickly you will see growth in about 3 weeks.

The Dahlias look a little different the bulb is a tubular cluster. Just plant the whole thing in a 6-8 inches hole with the stick pointed up(the eye). Make sure the soil is loose and amend the soil with compost. Wait to water after planting because this can encourage the tubers to rot. Water once you have seen it sprout. Also its more like a bush you want to stake it for more support.  After seeing the blooms your going to wish you had planted more, so go ahead and plant the whole box!