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How to Make Farm-To-Table Rosemary Mash Potatoes


This is one of my favorite ways to make mash potatoes! Once you try this it will become one of your staples when having your family over for Sunday dinner. I call it farm -to- table because the potatoes and the rosemary are hand grown in my backyard garden.

First, melt a stick of butter and add equal part of heavy cream (I didn’t say it was healthy). After the butter is melted turn down the heat to low and add your sprig of rosemary and cover. What you are doing is infusing the rosemary into the butter and cream. Yum!


While your aroma mixture is infusing peel your potatoes. I use 10 potatoes for my family of four.  Then cut potatoes in equal size to help with getting tinder at the same time. Fill a large pot with water enough to cover the potatoes. And turn it up! Let the water boil until the potatoes are tinder. Pour water out and start mashing. When crumbly pour the infused butter mixture into the potatoes. Stir till creamy and enjoy!


Check out my video on how to grow potatoes in your backyard

How to grow potatoes in your backyard!