Watering Tips

Hanging Baskets


Have you ever watered your handing basket and the water literally comes straight out the bottom and your like “I’m water it but its dying.” and you just throw your hands up….

Well this will help. Hanging Baskets can sometimes be a challenge in our heat. Honestly, I have forgotten to water mine or it’s summer and you’ve been out of town. Yay out of town! So this is a great way to re-hydrate your beautiful hanging baskets.

I use a small cooler or whatever works with the size of your hanging basket. Fill the cooler up with water or better yet rain water. Rain water has extra added minerals like nitrogen which is a natural fertilizer than water from the hose. (we will talk about that later. Stay tuned). Then set your hanging basket in the water, at first it will float on top of the water. Leave the basket in the water for 15-30 mins depending on the severity. If you forget about the basket (because you know, the crazy ones that are 2 ft tall running around) it will sink, but it will be ok just hang it back up and the excess water will drip out. Voila back to looking beautiful!


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